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 aust title

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PostSubject: aust title   Wed Dec 16, 2009 12:27 pm

54 entries not to bad for a lot too have to come across the straight which is the most expencive bit of water any where
should be some good racing some top drivers coming any thoughts.
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PostSubject: Re: aust title   Sat Jan 02, 2010 7:57 am

Scrut times & info
Speedway Net Australian Speedway

54 Juniors.......... huge weekend of racing !

NT111 Casey Hills
NT121 Ellie Hills
W93 Bruce Johnstone
W46 Callan Johnstone
W55 Cathy Johnstone
W95 Bronwyn Channing
W3 Harlee Maddenn
Q78 Hamish Redman
Q48 Kayla Barron
Q88 Mitchell Thomsen
Q25 Brody Thomsen
Q66 Brendan Learoyd
Q9 Michael Learoyd
Q28 Dan Smith
Q23 Lilian Smith
Q77 Sam Roza
Q53 Justin Smith
Q31 Bianca Smith
Q17 Nathan Barbeler
S74 Skyla Trout
S6 Joel Chadwick
S10 Jesse Arthur
S39 Alex Quinlan
V22 Corey Sandow
V64 Michael McDonald
V99 Peter Doukas
V36 Chris Bellman
V32 Dion Bellman
V0 Peter Kinnear
V7 Matthew Symons
V18 Brooke Ferguson
V91 Bhoe Paterson
V54 Michael Gorman
V21 Ty Galley
V38 Brody Chrystie
V43 Donald Young
V41 Nick Cockerill
V5 Mitch Whiting
V81 Dylan Campton
V37 Lachlan Reeves
T85 Luke Bygrave
T35 Rachael Reid
T27 Nathan Russell
T15 Brad Herbert
T14 Simon Bond
T2 Joshua Smith
T16 Brock Webster
T13 Brodie Piper
T11 Tim Thorpe
T4 Steven Harvey
T72 Jacob Taurian
T8 Louis Stone
T12 Markus Harris
T19 Hope Medcraft
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aust title
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