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 Code of Conduct

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PostSubject: Code of Conduct   Code of Conduct EmptySun Nov 15, 2009 11:09 am

Code Of Conduct

The code of conduct for this forum is reasonably simple so I wont bore you all with a heap of dribble like that on some other websites.

If we all keep respectful to each other, watch our language and think about what we say then everything will be sweet. Obviously there is to be no attempts to break into this site or another users account, but I'd like to think that wont happen anyway.

I'm not going to treat you like babies here, if you do something myself or a mod thinks is inappropriate, we will let you know and give you fair warning. We aren't trigger happy people here who feel like big men because we can moderate a forum, that isn't what we're about.

Let's all have fun, talk about speedway and best of all .... it's totally FREE!

Aaron Wells
aka TassieSuperSedan
Site Creator and Admin.
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Code of Conduct
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